2022 MS ESLO Debate Winners!

The Middle School ESLO Extension class has spent the past month teaching students how to write speeches and follow procedures for the public forum style of debate. From Monday (11/7) to Friday (11/11), all of the ESLO Extension students practiced using their debating skills by participating in the first-ever ESLO Extension Debate Competition. The competition started with qualifying rounds, then semi-finals, and eventually culminated in a grand final round on Friday (11/11), during which the top two teams debated the topic of “Should zoos be banned?”. Please join us in congratulating the following teams on their excellent performances in the competition:

🥇First Place- (Veritas C., Evelyn L., Olivia C., Hayley L.)

🥈Second Place- Team 2 (Anca L., Peyton T., Zoe L., Jazlyn S.)

🥉Third Place- Team 3 (Veronica C., Mina L., Ashley C., Yuna T.) and Team 13 (Kaiyen C., Warren L., Ethan C., Byron L.)

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