2022 Career Expo

On Wednesday, March 23, AAIA had the distinct honor to invite the following guests to share their career paths and stories with our students. The array of professions inspired our students to dream big and see different future possibilities.

⭐️Lisa Dazols, Social Entrepreneur
⭐️Allen Fang, Musical Producer
⭐️David Hsiung, Assistant Vice President of Flight Operations
⭐️Harrison Kim, Entrepreneur, Programmer
⭐️Michael Lin, Cardiologist
⭐️Hank Mei, Architect
⭐️Jane Tseng, Biomedical Engineering & Bioinformatics, Computer Science, and Pharmacy scholar
⭐️Tracy Wang, Designer, writer, lecturer, consultant, interpreter, and event coordinator
⭐️Chung-Yang Yeh, Welfare Policy, Social Policy, and Poverty Studies Scholar

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