2021 AAIA Sports Day

It was a beautiful Friday. NTSU hosted 2021 AAIA Sports Day and we were very fortunate to catch a sunny break during the rainy season! This year, each House designed its unique house t-shirt which certainly variegated the sports field. Tug of War, Sprints, Capture the flag, house chants, and various other team sports were played in order to find out which house would reign supreme at the end of the day. Three Houses arose to the top after a hot day of competitions: Artemis, Apollo, and Demeter. While Artemis has won the Tug-of-War in two consecutive years, Demeter claimed the chant king throne two years in a roll.

AAIA thank all staff, faculty, student sports director, and parents for their help. The Sports Day would not be possible without your collective efforts!

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