2019 NOVA @ TAS

Last month, the Innovation Club invited students with a passion for entrepreneurship to attend NOVA, an international high school entrepreneurial competition held by Taipei American School.

Contestants were tasked to provide solutions to promote healthy living while facing the pressure of devising a business model and delivering a pitch within two days. As a result, AAIA students were able to learn working effectively and cooperatively in a high-pressure environment.

上個月AAIA發明社集結了對創業有熱忱和興趣的學生們參加由台北美國學校所主辦的國際高中生創業競賽 (NOVA)。賽程中選手們必須於短短兩天內發想並呈現出以「推廣健康生活」為主軸的商業模式提案。


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