Innovation Club

Club Leader(s): Bernardo Lin, Victor Wang
Sponsor(s): Dr. Argueta


We are innovation club. We are the most innovative students at AAIA, coming together every Thursday, creating projects and cooperating with each other to advance AAIA’s STEM into a new level. We communicate with school officers to renew our AAIA student portal/cocurricular website where students can gain updated information about each clubs and house activities. We form teams and participate in national wide competitions including Hackathon Jr, NASA Space Apps Challenge, and Nova Entrepreneurship Competition. To prepare for these competitions, we host inter club mock NOVA and hackathon relating to UN’s 17 SDGs to strengthen our critical thinking and global awareness, further preparing AAIA students for the outside world to become impactful citizens. We also host the biggest middle school STEM related event, Lion’s Lair, where middle schoolers come together and think about how to make the world a better place with technology and business.

Club Calendar

Major Off/On-Campus Events

1/9 ~ 1/12: Lion’s Lair

3/25 ~ 3/26: NOVA Entrepreneurship Competition

5/11: Senior Special Day for Innovation


The rest of the time we would host preparation time and presentation for inter club practice/presentation. After NOVA Entrepreneurship Competition , we will seek technological problem of the school and attempt to solve it with our acquired innovative talents. Student could also conduct other projects of their personal interest, innovating and make AAIA a better place and beyond.




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