Club Leader(s): Lillian Toe, Sophia Wu, Hugo Chiang, Tammy Hsu
Sponsor(s): Mr. Adams


The HS Model United Nations Club is for high schoolers interested in MUN. Under the guidance of social studies teachers and the experienced secretariat team, club members learn how to conduct research into international relations, how to write UN resolutions, and how to debate while representing a country’s stance. Each club member is welcome to sign up, throughout the year, for a multitude of MUN conferences hosted by other international schools in Taiwan. AAIA will also host its own conference in February 2023 — New Taipei Model United Nations (NTMUN) — so look forward to it!

NTMUN Website: www.ntmun.com

NTMUN Instagram: @ntmun_official

Club Email: aaia.mun@aaia.ntpc.edu.tw

Club Calendar


  • October: HSINMUN conference @ International Bilingual School at Hsinchu Science Park (IBSH)
  • December: STMUN conference @ I-Shou International School (IIS)
  • February: NTMUN @ Asia American International Academy (AAIA)
  • March: DISMUN conference @ Dominican International School (DIS), HIMUN conference @ Hsinchu International School (HIS)
  • April: TASMUN conference @ Taipei American School (TAS), TAIMUN conference at American School in Taichung (AST)
  • May: AAIA MUN Club Simulation
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