Creative Music Club

Club Leader(s): Ellie Huang, Gary Lee
Sponsor(s): Mr. Adams



  • The Creative Music Club was a club initiated back in 2020. The club is open to students from all grade levels as long as they have a passion toward music!


  • Our goal is to provide AAIA students a comfortable space to pursue their interest in music, no matter which type of music they enjoy or what instruments they play.
  • All students in the Creative Music Club are required to complete at least one project each semester. These projects include performing in the Christmas concert, writing/composing a song, recording music cover videos, and many more.

What We Usually Do:

  • Club members usually spend their time practicing for their upcoming performances/video covers or researching various songs they one to try.
  • The club leaders would have a quick one-on-one meeting with each member from time to time to make sure that everyone is on track with their progress and provide them with feedbacks.

Club Calendar

  • December 4, 2022 – Deadline for all final projects except those who are participating in the Christmas Concert
  • December 16, 2022 – Christmas Concert


  • Most of the students’ works aren’t finalized yet, so the final projects created for this semester will be added later!
  • As of now, our past experiences include:
    • Christmas Concert
    • Charity Concerts
    • Street Fair Talent Shows
    • 14 Karat Gold Performance
    • Charity Performance for Spinal Cord Injury Organization
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