Cheerleading Team

Club Leader(s): Fiona Hsu


Purpose of a cheerleading team:

  • Cheerleaders bring out the joy, emotion, and electricity, that ultimately impacts the players on the field.
  • The energy and enthusiasm Cheerleaders bring into the game make the players feel supported and motivated during the game, while at the same time keeping the audience entertained.
  • Cheerleaders set a great example of motivation, school spirit, and positive energy on the field.
  • Cheerleaders often encourage other students to show up for games and participate in school events.
  • Cheerleading seems to improve group work as well as training of the mind and body and it is considered a rigorous sport.
  • Cheerleaders are the connection between the crowd and team.
  • Bring the community together both physically and emotionally while improving games for an energized atmosphere.
    impact the audience by helping them determine whether or not they are going to come back to the next game, and increasing the chances of more people attending.


Club Calendar

Things that you will learn in this team

  • Teamwork
  • Learning to work as a team and work with people with different personalities
  • Coordination
  • Dancing abilities

What will we do during club time?

  1. Work on our chant and routine
  2. develop our skills and dancing abilities
  3. Have fun!


Cheerleading team will be on Monday

Main focus: Basketball games and Sports day
Might need to audition before joining
Might need to stay after school for different sports games
All high schoolers are welcome to join(both girls and boys)

Feel free to contact me if you have any problems or concerns!




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