Art History

Club Leader(s): Warren & Peyton
Sponsor(s): Queen Shelwell


Art history club is the place where the world of art and history connects. If you are a fan of history, you might want to have a slight glimpse of the artworks made during those times. In this club, we learn about the many things, not just about the art itself. We would sometimes talk about the history of when the composition was made and why the artist could have created this artwork

Discussion questions you could ask about:

– what led the artist to create this composition/statue?

– was this kind of artwork a trend during that period?

Club Calendar

Art history club is available on Tuesday’s (in room 200; the art classroom)

Students in art history would learn about different artworks and its history. Each club member would receive a picture with the artwork of the day and would start cutting each piece out as the teacher explains what they would later be watching. The videos we watch would be an explanation of the artwork and also a bit of the history during its time. Each student would have a notebook by their side and would paste the picture given earlier onto their notebooks. The notebooks are also for you to take notes for, so of course, you will be taking notes as you watch the videos (if you love taking pretty notes, we would definitely recommend!)

As well as that, after taking notes, students would try and draw their own versions of the artwork, it doesn’t have to be perfect, but it definitely gives you more time to practice drawing. Our club also does morning announcements on Thursdays, so each student would be able to try and explain what they learned and what they have on their notes and share it with other people outside of the club.


Here are the artworks we will be taking notes on. Notice that not all of the artworks have examples of our notes? That’s because you’ll have to join in to find out more about these amazing pieces!

  1. art history
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