3D Printing Club

Club Leader(s): Victor Wang
Sponsor(s): Dr. Argueta


The 3D Printing Club is a place for students to collaborate on creative design and engineering solutions. It is open to all members of the AAIA community, not just engineers, and embraces all aspects of the 3D printing community, both functional and artistic. We are a group of passionate techie coming together every Tuesday to “print” our project into reality. At 3D Printing Club, students were taught with the standard procedures to safely operate 3D printers. Most importantly, every students are rewarded with the printed product they have found or designed. At our outreach events we showcase the designs that members have made during club time, or even outside of the meetings. We actively work to improve campus awareness of 3D printing.

We welcome all levels of knowledge to the lab. We are also happy to help with any questions or demonstrations with any 3D printing related techniques. If you are interested in expanding your horizon in additive manufacturing, 3D Printing Club is a great place to start.


Club Calendar

Major Events

~1/20: Design and prepare prints for Chinese New Year

~2/27: Design and prepare prints for Peace Memorial Day

~4/5: Design and prepare prints for Qing Ming Festival

~5/27: Design and prepare prints for Senior Graduation 


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