Online Learning – Graphic Design

Notan is the Japanese word that means“light-dark balance.”A notan uses very few values of colors: in its most original form, notan’s are just black and white. For this project, 8th grade and Graphic Design students researched the “The Sustainable Development Goals” (SDGs), also known as the Global Goals. These goals were adopted by the United […]

Middle School Field Trip – Taipei Zoo

The school was very quiet last Thursday. High schoolers were busy doing their AP exams and…the middle schoolers had a fun field trip data at the Zoo! The middle schoolers spent a lovely day at the Taipei Zoo on Thursday, May 6th. Not only did they have fun looking at the animals, but they also […]

May Birthday & Awards

and here are our May lion cubs! Happy birthday, lions. Congratulations to Brian Wang and Jay Wang for winning honorable mentions in the New Taipei Graphic Design Competition, and to Richard Lin for winning first place in Karate Contest. Check out the full version of the pawprints here

Class of 2021 College Acceptance List

Congratulations to our 2021 graduates. 86% of our graduates are accepted into Global and US Top 50 universities and among them, 36% are admitted into US Top 35! For three consecutive years, we’ve sent graduates to UC Berkeley and, this year, our performing and visual arts students are getting into the world’s best music and […]

2021 HS Science Fair

Right around Earth Day AAIA’s scientists showcased their hard work and scientific discoveries at our annual Science Fair! All middle school students, and high school students in Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Science, and Marine Science designed and implemented their own science fair project. Our scientists studied a wide range of interesting topics including air quality, plant […]

House Volleyball

AAIA’s Houses compete not only academically, but also athletically. This semester, houses compete with each other in the volleyball courts to see which teams climb up the ladder of victory. For this week, Poseidon beat Demeter 2-0 and Hermes beat Hades 2-1. Not to be discouraged as the tides can change quickly! Visit AAIA’s Facebook […]

Interact Club – Book Drive!

Did you know, AAIA’s interact club held a 2nd-hand book donation during children’s day earlier last month. By working with Sunshine Social Welfare Foundation (陽光社會福利基金會), the goal was to provide more books for children to read. All Houses worked together to donate books during this drive. The club members had to document and review each […]