Anti-drug Seminar

On February 24th, AAIA had the distinguished honor to invite Mr. Andrew J. Malanga from the CTBC Anti-Drug Educational Foundation to give a seminar on Anti-drug to our Grade 11 and 12 students. This educational seminar had three folds: knowing the different types of drugs, understanding addictions, and learning the negative effects and consequences of […]


On February 20 and 21, twelve students from AAIA traveled to Hsinchu to participate in the PASMUN conference. Representing the nations of Argentina, Belgium, the Netherlands, and New Zealand, students debated global issues such as the economic recovery from COVID, human rights of refugees, tensions in the Taiwan Strait, and reducing trade barriers to increase […]

Best Moments of The Boys Basketball Team (January)

Our boy’s basketball team played against Kuei Shan, DIS, HCAS, IBSH, and Morrison in January. In one of the close games with DIS, Karston Chang scored the winning jumper with 1 minute left in the game! The lions secured another win against HCAS with a score of 40-33. The boys once again dominated the court […]

Best Moments of The Girls Basketball Team (January)

In January, the girl’s basketball team played against HCAS, IBSH, Fusing, HAS, and Morrison. In the game versus Fusing, the girl won by a whopping 36-16. Christina Hsiung alone scored 22 points! Although they succumbed to both HCAS and IBSH, the lady lions fought hard and fierce. In one of the games, Christina Hsiung led […]

Campus Closed

The Campus is closed until Feb. 16th. Classes will resume on Wednesday, Feb 17th.

February Birthday and Awards!

Happy Birthday, February lions! Can you feel the warm sunlight kissing your cheeks? May your year be all sunshine and delightful! Also, congrats to Kelly (G6) and Belle (G10) for their outstanding performances in martial arts and piano. AAIA is very proud of you. 生日快樂,春日的小獅子們!你們可有感受到溫暖的日光煦煦照在臉上的感覺?祝福你們新的一年陽光普照,順利平安! 另外也要恭喜Kelly (G6) 及 Belle (G10)分別贏的武術及鋼琴比賽! Visit AAIA Facebook for more […]