A Caring Gift from Our Community

As a caring community, AAIA places top priority on our students and staff's safety and health. We adhere to the highest standards of regulation as set by the government and work closely with all members to ensure students have a clean and safe environment. Consequently, AAIA greatly appreciates Chin Lai Co. Ltd., for generously donating […]

Middle School: Colonial Fair

AAIA's 8th graders held the 3rd annual Colonial Fair during the Middle School assembly on September 24, 2020. Students worked independently to research one of the original 13 British colonies in the Americas or a colonial topic. The series of MS Assembly is created to introduce our MS students to various topics so that their […]

October Birthday Celebration

October is a big month for our students–more than 25 birthday lions! AAIA celebrated our October birthday girls and boys with special cakes–each decorated with their names. Every one of our students is important to us, they are all special individuals. Happy birthday, October lions! 十月是個熱鬧的月份,有超過25個同學在這個月慶生。AAIA準備了特別的蛋糕祝福我們十月的壽星們–每個蛋糕都寫著壽星的名字。對學校來說,每個學生都是重要的;每一位同學在我們心中,都是特別且獨立的個體!十月壽星,生日快樂!