2020-21 AAIA Boy Basketball Team (vs. GCA)

The boy basketball team headed to Nangang Sports center in September to play against Grace Christian Academy. Both the varsity and JV teams came away with a victory. Varsity's Felix Su was the high scorer while Eric Gulotty pulled down the lion's share of rebounds. The final score was 37-19. Kevin Hon and Jason Kao […]

Middle School Assembly

The Middle School Assembly is designed to expose our MS students to extracurricular activities as well as develop essential skills that are beyond the classroom. For instance, the SpellingBee competition allowed students to compete in groups, learning how to spell, research, and collaborate at the same time! The STEMExpo exposed the students to additional STEM […]

2020-21 Grade 9 Transition Trip

On Thursday, September 3, Grade 9 students and teachers boarded a bus and spent a lovely long weekend touring the Kenting area. Highlights of the trip included feeding Sika deer, hiking over coral tablelands, stopping at the southernmost point of Taiwan and the Eluanbi lighthouse, and exploring the National Museum of Marine Biology and Aquarium. […]

September Birthday Celebration 2020

Have you noticed that the leaves are turning colors? Yes, autumn is here and our September-born lions have also turned a year older! AAIA celebrated their birthday with cakes and chocolate. WIsh them the best in their future endeavor. 夏天悄悄離開,秋天到囉。有沒有注意到稍微轉黃的秋葉呢?在不注意間,我們的九月生獅子們又長大一歲了。AAIA用蛋糕跟巧克力祝福這些壽星們,希望他們未來前程似錦。

August Wrap Up feat. MS Spelling Bee

AAIA wrapped up August with many academic and co-curricular activities, from MS Spelling Bee, Bulletin Board Contest, to Club Fair, Student Council Election, and PTA Curriculum Night. A big thank-you for the high participation rate. AAIA looks forward to an exciting September. 八月在一連串精彩的活動畫下句點。AAIA與學生們舉辦了各式校內競賽如佈告欄裝飾比賽、中學拼音比賽,也策劃了社團園遊會、學生會選舉及課綱博覽會等活動,感謝學生與家長們熱烈參與。在此也期待熱情的九月! See more photos on our Facebook 到臉書看更多精彩照片

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