HS Geography – Earthquake Resistant Construction Experiment

For high school geography class, students participated in a 2 part earthquake resistant construction techniques experiment. Students utilized the scientific method to conduct experiments about earthquake resistant structures in order to determine the most effective combination of construction strategies. Students had to design, modify and build as well as carry out observations and data analysis. […]

CCR Week (G6 & G7 FTV Field Trip)

As part of CCR Week, AAIA’s 6th and 7th graders journeyed to FTV for a behind the scenes tour. Each student enjoyed the experience to learn more about how many talented people it takes to produce news and television shows. 三月初的升學輔導職涯週安排AAIA六年級跟七年級學生到電視台(民視)去做參訪。此校外教學讓學生藉由對媒體產業及節目製作的認識,進一步瞭解實際職場文化。

CCR Week (Dress Up)

In celebration of College and Career Readiness week, students and teachers dressed up for our various themed spirit days. Monday: College Apparel Tuesday: Childhood Dream Job Wednesday: Dress for Success Thursday: Occupation Day Friday: Day Off (Express Yourself) Here are some photos from CCR week. Special thanks to everyone who dressed up each day! AAIA秉持一貫的教育理念,在今年的升學輔導職涯週邀請全體師生根據不同主題著裝,讓孩子們在活動中浸沐養成對自我與團體的榮譽感和向心力。 […]

CCR Week (Career Guest Speakers)

AAIA was honored to host its third annual Career Day, and welcomed eleven decorated and successful professionals in business, medicine, finance, sports, fashion, marketing, and eco-friendly industries. Special thanks to each of the speakers for imparting the story behind their success with our students so that they may someday soon follow in their footsteps. AAIA有幸於第三屆升學輔導職涯週邀來各界嘉賓們與學生分享得來不易的職場與人生智慧。今年的講題領域囊括商業﹑醫藥﹑財經﹑運動﹑時尚﹑行銷及環境友善的產業。我們由衷地感謝所有蒞場嘉賓的精彩洞見,也望藉此勉勵學生們時刻凝鍊實力,不憂不懼,築夢踏實。

CCR Week (Senior Presentation)

As a caring community, AAIA Lions share their experiences with one another. As the first graduating class, this year’s seniors have a wealth of knowledge on the college application experience. Consequently, as part of CCR Week, pairs of seniors were kind enough to deliver personalized presentations to their fellow high school students. Their first hand […]

NIFTy Competition

The AAIA Speech & Debate team had a great time at the NIFTy speech tournament held at IBST at National Nanke International Experimental High School in Tainan. G9 Arvin competed well in Editorial Commentary and Impromptu speaking, as did G7 Veronica, G8 Lillian, and G8 Justin in Junior Varsity Debate. The Varsity Debate team made […]

2019 Spring Parent Teacher Conference (PTC)

Mid-way through each semester, AAIA invites parents and teachers to discuss each student’s progress towards developing and mastering grade level standards. This year’s second Parent Teacher Conferences was a positive way for parents to learn how they could help their child(ren) enhance their learning. Special thanks to all AAIA teachers and parents for taking the […]

March Birthday Celebration & CCR Week (College Apparel)

AAIA Student Council celebrated our March Birthdays today. Many students also dress-up in college apparel for the first themed day of CCR Week. Stay tuned as there will be different themes everyday of this week. AAIA學生會成員於連假後為三月壽星們舉辦了慶生活動!許多學生也在今天配合升學輔導職涯週特地穿上大學主題的服飾。

2019 Science Fair – Global Goals

In February, AAIA students presented their Global Goals Projects aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals set by the United Nations General Assembly. Students chose from 17 goals and 169 targets and developed scientific approaches to solve current worldwide issues either individually or in cooperative groups. AAIA is so impressed by the students’ research processes and […]

CCR Workshop – Activity List

CCR hosted its third workshop of the year at the end of February, as Dr. Chen presented students and parents with vital information on how colleges evaluate students’ activity lists. In addition, participants engaged in activities where they acted as college admission boards and evaluated sample activity lists. To close out the workshop, representatives from […]

Grade 7 Computer Class – Game Lab

Computer science students in 7th grade had the opportunity to show off short video games that they coded themselves during the past few weeks using the Game Lab from Code.org. Students in 6th, 7th, and 8th grade were invited to test these games and give feedback. Students had a blast trying to get the highest […]

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