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Student Advisory Program

The advisory program is split into a middle school section for grades six through eight, and a college and career section for all high school students. Both sections are designed to help students develop friendships and a support network with classmates and teachers. Though each specific section is tailored towards the specific needs of each age group. For example, the middle school section is supervised by the guidance department and is designed to support positive character traits and is aligned with each month's theme. The college and career section is supervised by the college counselor and is geared towards assisting students with finding their desired college and career choices. Advisory time is also used for assemblies and small/large group activities.  


Philosophy of the Advisory Program

Students experience many physical, social, emotional, and intellectual challenges in their lives. At this critical developmental point in their lives, understanding and acceptance from supportive adults, friends and classmates goes hand in hand with success.


Purpose of Advisory Program

Students need a comprehensive, school ­oriented program for the purposes of academic, social and emotional development, communication, and educational guidance. Students need to develop a positive self­ concept and effective ways of interacting with other students and adults. Finally, they need assistance in negotiating the social and the academic aspects of school. The purpose of the program is to meet these academic, social and emotional needs.



The Advisory Program supports monthly themes to accentuate the Expected Schoolwide Learning Outcomes (ESLO’s). Each month, students will learn about a trait that we, as a school community, value and want students to carry on for life after they graduate.