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Life is all about making decisions. While some are easy and can be made with little thought, others are very difficult regardless of how much thought we give it. AAIA’s Guidance Counselor Mr. Tom Cole met with students to provide each of them with examples of 'easy' and 'difficult' decisions with an emphasis on the importance of being able to explain the rationale/factors that led to that decision. The Heinz Store Dilemma which involves the decision as to whether it is acceptable to steal medicine that one cannot afford to save a sickly relative can lead to passionate discussion on both sides.

AAIA輔導老師Mr. Tom Cole這週與學生們討論人生中許多"簡單"及"困難"的選擇,也鼓勵同學們解釋自己每個行為及決定背後的原因。 Mr. Cole更利用了海恩茲困境讓學生們去思考為了救家人一命而偷竊是否是正確的行為,進而引導孩子們去探討正反兩極的意見。