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After first competing against 409 teams in the New Taipei City qualifier for 10 spots entering the Nationals, on April 27, two of our talented middle school students, Grade 7 Katherine Yu and Bernardo Lin, attended the National Scratch Coding Competition in Kaohsiung.This year, the National competition saw around 155 pairs of young fellows clashing in the ultimate coding competition of their age in Taiwan while we managed to secure Third place in the Middle School Gaming category. AAIA has always emphasized the importance of coding education as it ties in closely with the development of students' critical thinking and problem solving abilities. We are proud of their performances in the Scratch National round and will continue to support this pursuit throughout their time at AAIA.




特此恭喜七年級的Katherine Yu與Bernardo Lin,經過了409個隊伍中僅取10支隊伍晉級的新北地區賽後,於4月27日前往高雄參加Scratch程式設計競賽的全國總決賽,並且在來自台灣各地年紀相仿的115支精英隊伍中獲得了國中遊戲設計組第三名的殊榮。


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