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iconMay 2018 Award Recognition and Birthday Celebrations



Today during lunch time we celebrated May birthdays and announced outstanding student performances outside of school. G9 Angus won First Place at Asian Cup International Music Competition under drum division. G9 Ivan, Nathan and Ian took their success to the global level as they brought back Silver Medal from the International Exhibition for Young Inventor (IEYI) in Russia. Last but not least, G7 Bernardo and Katherine had demonstrated their excellent coding skills and placed Third at the National Scratch Coding Competition. We at AAIA are very proud of these exceptional achievements and will continue to encourage our students while they explore and shine in their fields of passion.



G9 Angus 國際音樂競賽亞洲杯-爵士鼓類冠軍
G9 Ivan, Nathan, Ian 2018第二十一屆俄羅斯阿基米德國際發明展-銀牌
G7 Bernardo, Katherine 107年度貓咪盃- 全國SCRATCH競賽-第三名