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iconApril 2018 Award Recognition and Birthday Celebrations



Before the break, AAIA commemorated students for their distinguished accomplishments. Nathan (Grade 9) won an award for calligraphy. Jamie, Patricia, and Winny won third place for a Spanish performance, and all thirty three World Scholar's Cup students won silver and/or gold medals. The ceremony was capped off by an April birthday celebration.

放假前夕,AAIA以獎勵學生們的優異表現揭開春假序幕。其中包含:G9 Nathan在書法比賽展現不凡的成績,還有西班牙文演講比賽獲得第三名殊榮的Jamie, Patricia及Winny,以及33位於學者盃獲得各項獎牌的學生。另外,學生會也一起替四月壽星慶生。