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Asia American International Academy immerses students in the 21st century by always being on the cutting edge of technology. For example, AAIA has adopted MackinVia as our official digital library provider, and is the first school to bring this groundbreaking software to Taiwan. This library is similar to a traditional print library in that students may check out books, but in this case they do so electronically and thus obtain instant access to the book on any device (tablet, phone, computer) that has the MackinVIA app installed. Students will use their customized ‘back pack’ accounts to access books from a growing collection of novels, nonfiction, subject based material, and even lower level books for English language learners, in addition to books in spanish for our Spanish I students. We will continue to add to the collection and will do so with input from our students. Reading is an essential aspect of a globally centered life-long learner, and with AAIA’s digital library, students can take their books with them wherever they go.