About AAIA
We are pleased to announce that we have filled the LION share of our teaching vacancies.
About AAIA
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New Taipei City is Taiwan's largest municipality; many professional Taiwanese citizens and foreign expatriates work and live in New Taipei City. It is bewildering then to see that up until now that there has been no international or American school available to this large population. Parents of New Taipei school-aged children who possess a foreign passport and would like to send their youth(s) to a private international or American curriculum school have had to rely on options in central Taipei City. In the past few years, the number of foreign passport holding international school students in Taipei has reached saturation, and many New Taipei City parents are finding their children set aside and placed on wait lists.

School founder Allan Liang sought to address this lack of educational opportunity amongst New Taipei City residents and began coordination with the Ministry of Education, and the New Taipei City Bureau of Education. In November to 2014 the school was granted and founding license and approval to move forward on planning the construction of New Taipei City's first international American curriculum school Asia American International Academy (AAIA).

After filing future school enrollment, AAIA address the new Taipei professional expatriate children's education needs, enhance outstanding professional expatriates to settle in the willingness to work the new Taipei, and actively strive to integrate international education resources, to set up a perfect example of a beautiful alien School Construction New Taipei City can improve education platform and learning of English international culture, the development of more high-quality international cultural education.

AAIA seeks to prepare students for post-secondary overseas studies. The school will offer career guidance to this end and provide a complete internal mechanism to assist students in successfully completing the application process for first-class universities in the United States of America and Canada.